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Image of Magick Key- Road Opener 7

Magick Key- Road Opener 7

When I was in New Orleans, I picked up an old skeleton key from a Conjure woman who rubbed it with oils and herbs. It's a Road Opener talisman that I use whenever I'm experiencing or need to draw in a great change and want to be sure that the path is open and clear. My favorite way to use it is to draw a bath with special herbs and flowers, sit in the water holding my key with my eyes closed and meditate. I envision myself in a dark space with many doors, and my Key in my hand opening them. Anything that is a block, or a question, this Key will open the door and the answer is just on the other side. Sometimes it's a picture, a word, a place, a thoughtform. Sometimes it's just my WILLpower that is signaling to the universe that I'm here and I'm ready.

These keys are handmade of black clay with a steel loop so you can also hang it on the wall, above the doorway of your business, or even worn as a necklace if you bold! The raw clay is absorbent so you, too, can rub it with your own favorite oils.

App. 5" long

Image of Magick Key- Road Opener 7