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Image of Mushroom Talisman 1

Mushroom Talisman 1

Mushrooms have been used for thousands of years as medicine, food and for shamanic use in order to establish contact with the spirit realm of the Underworld.

The “Hexenkreis” in High German (witches-circle), also called a fairy ring, is believed to be a portal to the spirit realm. From Ireland to Germany, the apperance of Amanita is usually associated with the little Gnomes or Tomte spirits that sit on top of the caps or hide underneath it. Shamans would often take the caps of Amanita to "fly" or journey to the other realms. It is said that to come upon an Amanita mushroom in the forest will surely bring good luck 🍄

Handsculpted porcelain mushroom, includes a cord for hanging as a talisman or ornament.

App 4"

Image of Mushroom Talisman 1
Image of Mushroom Talisman 1