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Image of Road Opener Ritual Sugar Scrub
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Road Opener Ritual Sugar Scrub

A ritual body scrub set with the intention to open the road to opportunity, remove blocks, align with your path, open up the channels of manifestation, draw in abundance, success and luck. Each jar is charged with Reiki energy 💫 and includes a handmade terra cotta scoop with a opening spiral symbol.

Suggested ritual: scrub body from the neck down, allowing the oils to set in. Call in the intention to open up the pathways to your destiny, drawing in luck, prosperity, truth and opportunity. Rinse off and towel dry (you can wash with soap and water but I love to leave the oils on my skin, they smell so wonderful.) Use discernment if you have any skin sensitivity.

Ingredients: Organic coffee grounds, organic coconut oil, organic ground orange peel, organic ground cinnamon, brown sugar, organic essential oils (sweet orange, cinnamon), rue, a splash of Hoyt's cologne for good luck.

App. 8oz by volume

Image of Road Opener Ritual Sugar Scrub
Image of Road Opener Ritual Sugar Scrub