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Image of (Self) Love Ritual Candle
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(Self) Love Ritual Candle

The most important relationship you'll have in life is the one you have with yourself. Breaking away from the traditional Love Spell candle, these candles bring in the intention to heal your own heart and fill your own cup with pure Love. Everyone is a mirror, and the more we heal our wounds and open our hearts, the better we attract healthy relationships to match our own frequency (that's the kind of love spell I'm into!) Release patterns based on: insecurity, jealousy, control, manipulation, abuse, deceit, codependency, scarcity, fear, unbalanced Feminine/Masculine energy. Invite: love, confidence, equality, abundance, peace, sovereignty, honesty, trust, self-respect, nurturing, beauty, growth, sacred sexuality, open-heart, balanced Feminine/Masculine energy.

These have a lovely, light smell because the oil scents are all natural - smells like a fresh bouquet of flowers.
100% organic hand-poured beeswax candle with organic Jasmine, Rose and Sandalwood oil, coconut oil, and dried organic plant allies (Egyptian Rose, Sweetheart Rose, Angelica Root, Damiana, Calendula, Lavender, Orange Peel, Honeysuckle), pink Himalayan salt and gold dust ✨ Includes a piece of Rose Quartz blessed with florida water and rose water 🌹

App. 5.5 oz

As with all candles, keep wick trimmed, do not burn for more than a few hours at a time and do not leave unattended

Image of (Self) Love Ritual Candle
Image of (Self) Love Ritual Candle